Super Bowl Party at the Snows'
By Warren Voth
(photos by Dick Schmidt & Warren Voth)

As usual, our annual Superbowl Party/Men's Chili Cookoff was a great success. Mike and Susan Snow were our hosts at their Rancho Santa Fe home. Susan mentioned the reason they purchased the home is that it is ideal for parties ...and it certainly is. There is plenty of room to watch the game or relax, chat and munch on the pool deck.
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Diane Schneider, Bob & Barbara Humphreys, Loreen Wilhelmy, Gisela Putzke, Nancy Arndt, Rick Snover and Mike Williams in the foreground
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Mike Williams, Barbara Hunphreys and Gisela Putzke take a Super Bowl break on the Snows' pool deck.

Those attending included Dave Grundies & Diane Schnider, Bob Humphreys, Matt Wilson, Udo & Gisela Putzke, Roland & Loreen Wilhelmy, John & Mary Schermerhorn, Curt & Nancy Arndt, Lou Galper, Dick & Jan Schmidt, Ron Rader & Debbie Nichols, Steve Tidwell, Charlie Hegarty, Randy Blum, Liz Kelly, Bob & Annice Kitterer, Mike Williams and guest Mike Veldez, Warren Voth, Eric Snow & friend Chris Kelly, and Rick Snover.
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Susan Snow and Annice Kitterer survey the chili counter. This year had an unusually good selection, according to Dick Schmidt.
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Mike Snow turns the engine crank of their Healey, a restoration work in progress.

Dick Schmidt won the prizes for the most unusual and the mildest chili. Eric, Mike & Susan's son won the prize for the hottest. Eric's friend Chris Kelly received the prize for the best tasting. Eric and Chris have a combined age of 26. Makes us seem like part of the over-the-hill gang.
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Dick Schmidt with his two wins, yes two,
 for most unusual and mildest chili.
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Eric Snow and fried (behid) Chris Kelly,
winners of best tasting and hottest chilis.